Small Victory was born with a need to find something WE ourselves would want to wear, not what we were force fed commercially to be 'cool' or 'trendy', something that appealed to us & our friends & in turn to our customer base. With this in mind Small Victory has always encouraged customer interaction & involvement to create what YOU the customer wants from an independent clothing brand.

A lot of our inspiration comes from growing up in the rural Hampshire/Wiltshire countryside, the varied music we grew up on, striving to be a somebody in a pleasant, but very much nobody town. This is where Small Victory found it's name, slowly building something up from nothing, creating & being inspired every day, progressing constantly & never getting complacent.

We are now in our 4th year, having come a long way since 4 lonely tee designs in 2011. It is still and always will be about striving to give the customer exactly what they want in both product & service.

Please also check out our male grooming & lifestyle brand Good Old Boys.

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